Lake Stevens Education Foundation Scholarships

In the last five years, The Lake Stevens Education Foundation has awarded over $52,000 in scholarships. LSEF is grateful to the many individuals, local service clubs, families and local companies for their generous contributions to support the educational goals of the students in the Lake Stevens community. The example and commitment provided to these young people is important. We are confident that they will remember this generosity and continue the legacy of giving and being involved in our communities.

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Lake Stevens Education Foundation scholarships




Front row.....left to right:

Marleigh Olson, Makenna Berg, Nina Vongchaichinsri, Geena Rojas, Amanda Kristofferson, Roquin-Jon Siongco

Back row...Henry Blankenship, Courtney Klein, Gary Lam, Ambur Staab, Aron Finholt, Amber Dalgleish, Jamie Pierce, Tallon Cote



Funded by Amount Recipient
LSEF $1,000.00 Aron Finholt
LSEF $1,000.00 Breanna Resor
LSEF $1,000.00 Gary Lam
LSEF $1,000.00 Lynrada Vongchaichinsri
LSEF $1,000.00 Makenna Berg
Robert & Virginia Rudge Memorial $500.00 Alisha Bontrager
Robert & Virginia Rudge Memorial $500.00 Laeticia Tsa
Lake Stevens Arts & Parks $500.00 Kan Paprakhon
Lake Stevens Arts & Parks $500.00 Sarah Campo
Levi Ray Christensen Memorial $500.00 Sarah Campo
Cindy Tate Memorial $500.00 Amber Dalgleish
Steve & Dru Miller Minority $500.00 Geena Rojas
Chris & Ellen Calkins Sciences $500.00 Ambur Staab
Larry & Linda Jubie $1,000.00 Marleigh Olson
Harv & Janet Jubie $1,000.00 Roquin-Jon Siongco
Ace Hardware $1,000.00 Amanda Kristofferson
Ace Hardware $1,000.00 Kan Paprakhon
Ben Clark Memorial $500.00 Ambur Staab
Bourne Orthodontics Health $1,000.00 Austin Haynes
Steve & Paulette Berg  $750.00 Alex Briggs
Steve & Paulette Berg  $750.00 Emily Vandergrift
Jo Desrosier Memorial $1,000.00 Ambur Staab
Melinda Hardwick Creative $1,000.00 Roquin-Jon Siongco
Merridy Stilwell $1,636.80 Amanda Kristofferson
Robinson Family  $500.00 Courtney Klein
Robinson Family  $250.00 Makenna Berg
Lady of the Lake  $500.00 Geena Rojas
DECA $1,000.00 Tallon Cote
DECA $1,000.00 Jamie Pierce
June Marion Vocational  $500.00 Henry Blankenship
U-Turn Scholarship $800.00 Tabitha Majestic

Class of 2016 Scholarship Information

To apply, download the scholarship form and the cover letter and follow the instructions therein.

Please contact Christine Pfiester ( (425-346-5933) if you would like to sponsor a scholarship or if you need further information.