Innovative Teaching And Learning Grants

The Lake Stevens Education Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the support of the Lake Stevens School District. Approximately $10,000 from the Foundation will be available for education grants. Grants can support school year projects, summer program projects, or be targeted for use in the following school year. Grant awards will be based on merit. Individual teachers, teams/departments, or schools may submit grants.


 Innovative Learning Grants Awarded



School Project Amount
LSMS Pirate Media Lab $1,475
Glenwood Guided Reading Materials $1,700
Hillcrest Small Group Guided Reading Materials $1,700
Cavelero/LSHS Studo Music From Home (for choir) $2,000
LSMS Pirate Media Lab $709
Mt. Pilchuk Art with Intention supplies
for kindergarten students
Total Awards $8,284




Grants Awarded in past years


If you would like to support the innovative Teaching and Learning grants, please make your tax-deductible donation  here.  You can also drop off your donation at any Lake Stevens school.  You can also support our programs by purchasing tickets to our special events.


  • Projects that are creative and innovative
  • Projects that:
    • Focus on improving student achievement in the arts, science, reading, math or writing
    • Demonstrate integration of curriculum
    • Apply learning to the real world (relevancy)
    • Strengthen the relationship between school, home, and the community
    • Impact a significant number of students or more than one school
  • Projects must be beyond the financial capabilities of the district and building budgets
  • Resource materials must demonstrate strong ties to the project

High Priorities:

  • Brings creativity and innovation to the classroom
  • Resource materials are reusable
  • High ratio of number of students per dollar invested
  • Project would not happen without Foundation funding

Lower Priorities:

  • Passive student involvement (student merely part of an audience)
  • Instructional materials or technology (software) without strong ties to project

Not Eligible:

  • Capital improvement costs
  • Transportation expenses

You are also required to include a supporting letter from your principal, which acknowledges the need for the grant. All grant applications will be read by a team of Foundation members and will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Purpose & Need: Provide an explanation of the purpose of the grant request and what existing or anticipated needs the proposal would meet.

  • Program Design & Innovativeness: List the objectives of the grant and the activities to help meet those objectives. Describe how the project is creative or innovative, and how it can be duplicated to increase its benefits to more students.

  • Implementation & Evaluation: Describe what activities are to be completed and in what sequence. Describe how you will measure the impact of this project on students.

  • Budget Plan: Outline the expenses for the project in the following categories:
    • Consultants
    • Curriculum Instructional Materials
    • Supplies
    • Equipment/Other (if any)
    • Other Projected Costs

List each anticipated expenditure, the amount, and the source of the funding. That is, identify whether funds will solely come from the Foundation, another funding source, or if items or services will be donated in-kind (matching fund arrangements are strongly encouraged).


  • Grants must be typewritten - maximum five (5) pages.
  • You can obtain an electronic copy of the application packet HERE.
  • Title page should include:
    • Grant topic or title
    • Team members (identify grant manager/project lead)
    • School(s)

  • Attach supporting letter from principal(s).

  • Send an electronic version of the proposal (and the letter from the school principal) to the Chair of the LSEF Grant Committee (


The Grant Committee will review requests 2 times a year. Deadlines for submission are:

  • October 30
  • April 30

The Foundation's subcommittee for Education Grants and district staff will review the proposals and notify applicants of the decision within 30 days of the deadline. Please not that recipients will be asked to provide follow up such as photographs of project, final wrap up and perhaps asked to present at the Lake Stevens Education Foundation Spring Breakfast.

Please contact the Chair, Vicky Bergland-Davenport ( or call 425-210-1507 with any questions regarding your application.